Yaniv Peer
Yaniv Peer
Illustrator, Game Developer, Artist

Yaniv Peer

Illustrator, Game Developer, Artist


About Me

Yaniv Pe'er is an experienced game developer currently developing games under the name DarkPlan Studios - [ DarkPlan.com ]. In the past, Yaniv worked as a server developer with Tacticsoft LTD on their successful Massive Multiplayer community based Online Game "Battle Dawn" - [ BattleDawn.com ], worked in the mobile gaming industry as well as did freelance and technical consulting work for various companies. Yaniv is well versed in the game development arena including advanced skills in various programming languages, experience with popular game engines and as being a concept artist and game designer.

Game development

* Proven experience in large scale game development projects with portfolio of finished, revenue generating and successful products.
* Advanced skills in popular 3D engines, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, AS3, PHP, Assembly, Database design, and more.



* Hebrew - Expert
* English - Expert
* Japanese - Beginner
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